Alright guys, I’m afraid I have bad news. Due to personal reasons (I.E. My Job as a Therapist, Photographer, novelist, and scholar) Is going to be taking up way too much time to have a blog like this.

As Kati, (Thane and Fem!Shep—-also known as Momma! Shep in the chats) felt the need to leave, I figured I’d follow suit as she was the driving force behind my staying in lieu of how busy I’ve been.

Feel free to use the same plot arcs, or start one of your own.

It’s been fun, and I love you all.

And as a Goodbye from Kal—-Platoon, Go the Fuck Back to Sleep.

Illusive Out.


1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_COMMENCE

I am annoyed and in pain. There is something crawling beneath my flesh, and I can’t shake the feeling that I can control it.

I’ve been keeping busy, not wanting to focus on it. I can feel it change.

It’s not exactly a physical change, but more of a biotic change. I think there is a level where the two coincide—-the physical and the biotic.

Some races who were driven into extinction by both the Reapers and the Protheans were said to have a form of technobiotics, not unlike the Prothean Biotics mixed with Omni-Tool technology. The ability to command both technology and one’s physicality with biotics. Similar to the Reaper regeneration clauses—gathering genetically similar flesh and physically grafting it into your own injuries, or general physicality to both bolster and strengthen your supra-muscular resolve.

The ‘Otep,’ is what the Protheans called them. They somehow survived in fewer numbers after the Reaper Destruction period of 50,000 years into the time of the Protheans. They were easy to study and eventually be wiped out into extinction after they became hostile to the Protheans. The Artifact documents claimed that in their old age, the Otep went mad, claiming that the Protheans were both shortsighted and doomed to a life of loneliness as survivors often do.

Protheans, out of mercy, put them out of their misery and developed biotics from their technology instead. However, the Biotic programs dealing with their flesh were incomplete by the time the Protheans were indoctrinated.

I…I find with concentration, I can move my Biotics into quadrants. Make shields localized to one area.

Even more disturbing, I am not sure if I hallucinated this morning, as many visions have come and gone.

When I shaved this morning, I thought of General Williams, and the look on his face when I killed him, after explaining the death of his wife. I shut my eyes, shaving, trying to press the memories from my head.

When I looked up, my face was not unlike that of General Williams’ on the day he sent my wife and children to die. His scar, along my face. His gray and white hair, lining my head. His thrice-broken nose, where mine should have been. His cleft chin.

I accidentally sliced my hand open, in shock as I clenched my fist around my straight razor. When I blinked, his face was gone.

I feel like it’s still there. Lurking beneath my flesh.

End Recording.

1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_END


110101 EX//: STORING_LOG



Everything was set. Eclipse mechs were on standby, Blue Suns had snipers set up, and the Blood Pack were ready to flood the streets with soldiers at a notice. Javik and Tyson were located at the top of a nearby building overlooking the dock. Roughly two dozen Cerberus foot soldiers accompanied August as a ship came into port. It was a large frigate, roughly the size of the original Normandy, colored in black and orange.

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The Prothean stood there, staring me down with a look of utter hatred, biotics rushing towards me in a feint.

I clenched my fists, widening my stance and creating a Mass Effect field beneath my feet so strong, it not only planted me securely on the ground, it dragged the Prothean straight down to the floor in mid-run, on his face.

"What is your name, Prothean? I would like to know," I said, reaching out and twisting my fingers, watching my biotics threaten to sever his limbic system.

He reached up, as is struggling, but let out a burst of biotics barely enough to loosen my grip. The mass effect field beneath my feet diffused, guiding me into a stumble.

I smirked at him. “Gut! Gut, Herr Prothean. Very good. Wie ist ihr name?" I asked once more, after his name.

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Pardon me, Illusive Man, but this is A.N.S.A.

As your Automated Notification System, it is my duty to inform you that the forward M.E.D.CO.R. Defense Ship Bravo-7-Hawk has reached Omega Space Region 9.

Operative Commander Jakob Krieger has made a relay jump, and has arrived at Region 9 in Assault Vessel Munich, parallel to Defense Ship Bravo-7-Hawk.

Do you have any orders to relay to Bravo-7-Hawk’s AI, sir?

“Yes, A.N.S.A. as a matter of fact I do, thank you for asking. Inform the B7H AI that Krieger’s orders are to exterminate the Vorcha, and commandeer any incoming vessels, imprisoning their crew until further notice. As for the Prothean…kill him or bring him in. He could be useful. Oh, and one more thing…Remind Commander Krieger that if he fails, I’ll take the old Stauffenberg Estate and burn it to the ground with his mother and sister inside.That’ll be all.”

“Yes, sir. I will relay the orders immediately. Please, have a pleasant day.”








Operative Jakob Diethelm Krieger.

Designation: Human, Artifact Induced Biotic, Strength Classification Über’

Location: Mid-Mass Effect Relay Jump, Destination ‘Omega’


Man sieht nur das, was man weiß.

You only see what you know.

There are old videos of my ancestors. 242 years ago.

In most circles they might have been heroes. History, written by the victor often portrays people as they were not, in truth. In this, I have both pride and shame in they who precede me.

Brothers. Three of them. Two twins, and a man who was meant to be a twin.

The Stauffenberg Family. Their real surname was Maria. All four of them, Counts of the Stauffenberg Castle, and Estate. A deeply Aristocratic family, with honest names and honest beginnings.

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1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_COMMENCE

Krieger’s surgeries are complete. He was a good 6’4” and walked out of the surgery room at a good 6’7”.

His muscle mass has increased by an exponent of seven, and his mental capacity has been expanded through the Reaper cycle. When the tissue is not fighting back against the change—-in this instance, technically dead tissue—-elements of Project Lazarus can be used to bring Krieger back to the land of the living as a fully developed Human with a Prothean mind, and Semi-Prothean DNA.

There are traces of other races contained in this tactile exchange between the Reaper artifact and organic tissue. This must be associated directly with the process Reapers use to create amalgamate Reaper creatures from normal species.

Krieger is on his way to Omega. He should be approaching within the hour—-the forward ship approaching Omega with the first Mass Effect Drive Core Relay (M.E.D.CO.R.) needs to approach the system first. He should be reporting in soon once both vessels have made it there.

I’m wondering why the Prothean is on Omega, to be honest. It’s almost like he got lost.

I’m looking into the Palaven cavern. The Crevasse of Mirrors.

I think it might house one or more things from the Cradle of the Reapers—-their birthplace so to speak.

I have never once thought that the Reapers simply rose from the nothing, to become something. Something begats something. Even in the beginning.

I have seen their faces. Trillions of years ago.

I know their names and their voices.

And they begin on the moons of Palaven.

End Recording.

1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_END


110101 EX//: STORING_LOG


1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_COMMENCE

One pastime I’ve never really stopped loving is hacking into personal messaging systems of soldiers and workers—-and sending it out en masse to their superiors and subordinates.

This morning, a Quarian Marine Major was the victim.

Nothing like a little hobby work, before real work.

End Recording.

1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_END


110101 EX//: STORING_LOG


I woke up to an ungodly noise, noticing a small, round being pop up on my communications screen—-telling me to head out to my office floor and receive Barla Von.

Frowning, I got up from my bed, not noticing I’d fallen asleep in one of my suits. 

Lighting a cigarette, I put my suit jacket on and practically dragged myself out to the communications pad.

The Volus watched me enter the room, holding a datapad and jiggling his legs nervously.

"This had better be good. You woke me up, Mr. Von," I seethed, blowing smoke from my nostrils.

"I apologize, Illusive Man. There is an unusual amount of activity regarding a few key figures. Zaeed Massani and Aria T’Loak are collaborating. They are both have well known grudges on Cerberus. Also, I have discovered that the Alliance are tailing Massani. Direct orders from Admiral Hackett. It makes sense that they are planning a move against Cerberus. I believe they are likely to come after me very soon. I will need additional guards, and probably extraction, if my instincts are correct. It would be in your best interests to protect me. I estimate I have no more than 48 hours of continued secrecy," he said, wiggling a nervous appendage at his side in discomfort.

"You know what I find funny is that I found out about that three days ago, you little imp. I don’t pay you to worry and interrupt my sleep. I also don’t pay you to call my private channel without going through Yeoman Wilson," I said, taking an angry drag from the smoking cigarette.

He shifted, silently.

"Two small fleets and an extraction force have breached Sol space and are going to extract Information Base Winter, where you’re standing. I haven’t decided whether or not to kill you and feed you to Zaeed Massani, or whether I should have Centurion Grayson put his Omni-Blade through your abdomen. Don’t contact me again. You’ll either be dead, or one of my men will report on your safety. I don’t want to hear your annoying little inhaler for the rest of my life, do you understand?" I said, nursing one of my temples, and glaring.

He nodded, nervously.

"Goodbye, Mr. Von. You’ve been…marginally useful."



1110101010110101 EX//: VOCAL_LOG_COMMENCE

Hour 93 after Biotic Exposure.

A discovery which could forever solidify this civilization with a permanent place in history has been made.

Not only is there information regarding the Conduit, the Catalyst, and the construction of the Citadel. There are complete schematics.

The Protheans, near the end, were developing miniature Mass Effect Relays, which could be used to make jumps from one ship to another, using a signal emitted by one relay to another. Planting this miniature relay into the drive core of a vessel can allow for instant transit from one ship to another which has the same type of relay. This can also be installed into docks on planets and cities—-allowing for fast transit into ports from across the galaxy. All it takes is the proper signal.

My men are engineering this immediately. It’s much simpler than we previously thought.

It’s on most occasions I notice that the simplest answers are the best. Create an energy singularity large enough to cause polarity of twin magnetic alloys—-and it will emit a signal more powerful than any split atom could create. This force, when calibrated in the right level and in the right direction, can relay a jump through an infinite amount of miniature relays. An infinite source of transit power.

If the vessel is still active enough on most ports, the relay will make the jump to the next ship.

It’s a perfect upgrade for the Cerberus fleet.

Surgeries on Krieger are going well. His biotics are being amplified through use of low frequency gamma waves passed through a Mass Effect filter. He is becoming one of the strongest beings I’ve ever come into contact with—-other than myself.

For some reasion the artifact took a better liking to me than Krieger.

He’ll be ready for combat by tomorrow. Reanimate the tissue to full capacity, let him get the feel of it in the new reinforced training chamber—-and send him on his way.

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demonofthenightwinds-deactivate asked:
I am pretty certain that this message is being sent through Cerberus channels, but I'm not positive if the Illusive Man will actually be reading it. Anyway, Greetings. I'm not sure if you even know or care of me. Of you, I know little, yet enough. I am an Ardat Yakshi, and let's just say I am a drifter that is not afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact, my blood is so bad that my own mother wants me dead at her own hands. If I catch your interest so far, Let me know.

Seduction. Stealth. Sedition. Satisfaction.

It’s the sanguine nature you hold so dear.

For the last five hundred years you’ve fled. Run.

Murdered in—-let’s say warm blood.

I wonder how soon sex bored you in your early age. That feeling within which told you that you were something more.

Something powerful and unique, albeit unwanted and sinister.

Beautiful. Clever girl. Very clever.

Though you are not without your flaws. Your careless nature implies that in taking so many things from the realm of the living would imply you have a hard time adding meaning to things. A hard time placing value.

When you can take so much from someone—-a complete surrender—-it makes you feel like there is nothing you cannot have. Nothing unobtainable.

It is in this fact of subtle feeling that you become bored. Reach into the nothingness that is your life, and find just that: Nothing.

You need meaning.

You need purpose.

You need a need.

Though…I get the feeling the reason why you’re so unbridled is because you haven’t had the right master.

There is a Dignitary, on Illium.

An Asari, like yourself.

She is heavily guarded, and highly respected. Unbeknown to the others she both serves and keeps close to her chest, she is an Ardat-Yakshi.

She keeps it secret. Contained. She takes people in who don’t matter. Takes things in and does not reserve mercy. A cleanup crew in her service comes to her private penthouse once a week to relieve her of the problem she’s created. A body.

If you wish to work with me, you will kill her.

Return to speak to me via Quantumn Entanglement Communication on Private Comlink 1187. Remember to be cautious. You cannot link your minds without killing the both of you.

The choice is yours.

Oh, and Morinth…

I look forward to breaking you.

See you soon.

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